Lamon Brewster

Lamon Brewster is knows as one of the most hardcore professional heavyweight boxers in the competition. Lamon Brewster's impressive boxing record shows he only has 3 losses and a massive 29 knockouts from 33 wins.

Lamon Brewster Stats:
Name:Lamon Brewster
From:Vero Beach, FL, USA
DOB:5th June 1973
Height:6' 0"

Lamon Brewster's Bio:

Lamon Brewster first made a name for himself in professional boxing when he knocked out Nate Jones to win the North American Boxing Organization title. The knockout win made Lamon Brewster a mandatory challenger for the WBO title.

Lamon Brewster won the WBO title in mid 2004 by knocking out Wladimir Klitschko in the 5th round in Las Vegas. Some say the match was fixed and that Wladimir Klitschko was doped before the fight. This was never proven, and Lamon Brewster was crowned with the WBO title.

Lamon Brewster's first WBO title defense was against Kali Meehan in late 2004. Brwester won in a split descision. In May 2005 Lamon Brewster was again called to defend his title. He faced Andrew Golota who he knocked down 3 times in the first round. The fight was over in 53 seconds.

Lamon Brewsters final WBO title defense was against the hug German based boxer, Kosovar Luan Krasniqi. Brewster took a severe beating for 8 rounds and finally knocked his German opponent out in the 9th.

Lamon Brewster lost his title on April 1, 2006 to Sergei Liakhovich from Belarus. He is now planning a comeback.

Lamon Brewster's Achievements:

* WBO Champion for 2.5 years
* 33 wins, 29 of them by knockout

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Lamon Brewster Pictures:

Lamon Brewster lands a left against Luan Krasniqi.

Lamon Brewster belts the German again!

Brewster with his wife and mother

Brewster posing at weigh in

Kali Meehan lands a huge punch against Brewster

Lamon Brewster

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