Steve Lombardi

Steve Lombardi, better known as the Brooklyn Brawler, spent most of his career losing in the ring. Yep, the Brooklyn Brawler was the best jobber there was! Steve has been entertaining the wrestling fans since 1985, and no one can argue the Brookly Brawler wasn't the best entertainer out there!

Steve Lombardi Stats:
Name:Steve Lombardi
Nickname:Brooklyn Brawler
From:Brooklyn, New York
DOB:April 18, 1961
Weight:240 Lbs

Steve Lombardi's Bio:

Steve Lombardi was born in Detroit, Michigan on April 18, 1961. Steve has been involved in wrestling since the early 80's and made a professional debut in 1985.

Since then steve has been better known as the Brooklyn Brawler, yet has appeared in the ring under other names such as Kim Chee, Boston Brawler, Abe "Knuckleball", Doink the Clown, The Red Knight and Shwartz.

The Brooklyn Brawler has out lasted many greats in the WWE and WWF, his career spanning upwards of 20 years. The Brawler was a known jobber (a wrestler scripted to lose) who would happily lose to anyone to make them the greatest superstar and to keep the fans happy.

Whilst in the ring, Brooklyn Brawlers best known moves were the Swinging Neckbreaker, the Reverse neckbreaker and the Top rope Super-plex, all awesome to witness!

These days, Brooklyn Brawler is semi retired, still working for the WWE. He mainly works doing promotional activities, but still makes the odd appearence in the ring. Brooklyn Brawler has had a great career with the WWE, and although he doesn't have an impressive win/loss record, he sure knows how to keep the fans happy!

Steve Lombardi's Achievements:

BCW Unified Television Title
NWA Michigan Heavyweight Title

Bench Press

Steve Lombardi Pictures:

Brooklyn Brawler posing

The Brawler entertaining

Brooklyn Brawler promotion

Plastic version of the Brooklyn Brawler!

Brooklyn Brawler in one of his other Identities 'Knuckleball Schwartz'

Brookly Brawler posing

Bench Press

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